Terms and conditions of sale

The owner of the www.antoniomilesi.it domain site is the company Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi, with registered office in Via Codussi n ° 12, 24124 Bergamo Italy. These General Conditions govern the relationship between Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi and Users who purchase images and any other product marketed by Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi through the aforementioned website www.antoniomilesi.it. All communications relating to the execution of this Agreement must be in writing to the following address antonio.milesi@gmail.com

Terms and conditions of sale

The user is obliged to confirm the order of the selected products and, consequently, make the requested payment. Once the payment has been made and the actual crediting has been made, the sales contract can be considered concluded.
The User indemnifies from now on Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi from any liability deriving from entering the form to place the order of incorrect or false accounting / tax data. In the event of penalties against Portraits of Prestige Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi, the latter may claim against the User who entered incorrect or false data. Prestige Portraits Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi has the unquestionable right not to accept the order received. In the event that Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi has already received payment for the order that it intends not to accept, it will issue the relevant credit note and refund the amount already paid by the user. For more information on payments or for reports send an email to antonio.milesi@gmail.com

Prices and exchange rate regimes

The prices published on www.antoniomilesi.it, payments and invoices for orders are in Euros. Product prices are inclusive of VAT only.

Forme di Pagamento

Portraits of prestige Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Credit cards (Shopify Payments): Visa, Maestro, MasterCard
  2. PayPal: The customer who decides to use the PayPal payment method, can pay directly through his PayPal account.

Delivery of the purchase

Following the payment made for the image (s) purchased, the user will receive an email, delivered to the account entered during the purchase, containing the download link of the image (s). The download will be valid for 10 days and the image (s) can be downloaded only once. In the event of loss of the email or any error in sending or downloading not attributable to Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi, the end user will not be able to request any copy or make use of withdrawal.

Terms and conditions of use

Images on the site
Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi declines all responsibility for the hypothesis in which, due to a particular configuration (or malfunction) of the Client’s pc / tablet / smartphone, the colors of the images on the site are slightly different from the original ones . The images on the site are the exclusive property of Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi. Should an unauthorized use of the same be found, this action will be punishable by law. For further information, you can contact Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi at www.antoniomilesi.it

Limitations for the use of content


  • Have people appearing in a Visual Content (the “Models”) in ways that could reasonably be found to be offensive, including, without limitation, the representation of a Model: a) in connection with pornographic material, “adult videos”, adult clubs, escort or dating services and the like; b) in relation to advertising of tobacco and related products; c) in a political context, such as propaganda, publicity or support for political parties, candidates, elected officials or in relation to a specific political opinion or position; d) as suffering from physical or mental disorders or being treated for them; e) involved in criminal or immoral activities;
  • Use the Visual Content in contexts that are pornographic, defamatory, deceptive, or in a manner that could be considered offensive, obscene or illegal;
  • Edit the Visual Content;
  • Use the Visual Content for commercial purposes, including by reference in promotional materials or other non-editorial contexts;
  • Use the Visual Content in a way that infringes any third party’s trademark or other intellectual property rights or causes claims of misleading advertising or unfair competition;
  • Resell, redistribute, provide access to, share or transfer any Visual Content except as expressly provided herein. By way of example and not limited to, the previous provisions prohibit showing the Contents as, or as part of, a gallery of contents in which third parties can search and choose contents;
  • Use any Visual Content (in whole or in part) as a corporate brand, service mark, logotype or other indication of origin or any part thereof;
  • Misrepresenting, either expressly or by reasonable inference, by using the Visual Content in a way that suggests it is the work of you or a person other than the copyright owner of such Visual Content;
  • Use the Content in a multimedia production distributed via broadcast, wired network, OTT video service (such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) or in the theater or in related promotional materials;
  • Use the Content on the cover of a publication, covers or other packaging related to use;
  • Use the Editorial Content in a publication whose print run exceeds 500,000 copies.

Acknowledgments and Copyright Notices

  • For any use of Images and Videos in correlation with reportage, commentary, publications or any other “editorial” context, it is necessary to attribute the awards to Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi
  • Where commercially reasonable, the use of Images or Videos in promotional material or audiovisual productions must be accompanied by the recognition of Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale by Antonio Milesi in the following form: “Image of Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale by Antonio Milesi
  • For all other uses of the Images, recognition is not mandatory, unless other stock content is also used for which recognition must be indicated in connection with the same use. For clarity, recognition is always mandatory for Editorial Content.
  • In any case, the recognition must be of such size, color and relevance as to be clearly legible to the naked eye.

Legal terms

The Customer who accesses the website www.antoniomilesi.it undertakes to accept the conditions contained in the following declaration and to respect them. The site and related services are exclusively for personal use (of the Final Consumer). The pages that the customer views respond to information purposes on the images proposed with the related possibility of purchasing them. This contract will be interpreted exclusively on the basis of Italian law. Any dispute arising from the interpretation and / or execution and / or termination of this contract will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court or the Justice of the Peace of Bergamo.

Amendments and interpretation of the Agreement

Any changes or annotations to the Contractual Conditions will be effective only and exclusively if approved in writing by the Parties. Any invalidity or ineffectiveness of one or more contractual clauses will in no case affect the validity or ineffectiveness of the other contractual clauses.

Personal data protection

The User confirms that he has read and accepted the information pursuant to Regulation (EU) 679/2016 and Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments. The Parties mutually guarantee that the data provided as a result of this Agreement will be treated in compliance with the principles of legality, minimization and adequacy. The Parties declare that they are aware that communication of the user’s personal data is essential for the proper execution of this Agreement and that Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi may communicate them to External Managers who are service providers.

End customer

Portraits of prestige Srls Unipersonale by Antonio Milesi has created and published the website www.antoniomilesi.it solely with the ultimate aim of establishing national commercial relations with an interlocutor who is considered a Final Consumer. The images for sale on the website www.antoniomilesi.it are intended for the Final Consumer. Portraits of prestige Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi considers as a Final Consumer a natural person with intentions unrelated to his business or professional activity and who does not resell the products purchased on www.antoniomilesi.it.
Portraits of prestige Srls Unipersonale by Antonio Milesi invites those who do not meet the requirements of the Final Consumer, to refrain from both concluding commercial transactions and from submitting purchase orders for images for sale through third parties. In case of insertion of false data by a user, it reserves the right to take action against the aforementioned user in order to receive compensation for material and immaterial damages.

Customer Requirements

  • The Customer must meet the commercial policy requirements described in the point above.
  • The Client must be 18 years of age.
  • The Client must have the power in terms of the necessary requirements to be able to conclude legally binding contracts.
  • The Customer must have a valid e-mail address.
  • The Customer must have the right to use one of the payment methods accepted by Ritratti di prestigio Srls Unipersonale di Antonio Milesi.


For the Consumer Code, in contracts for the sale of digital products through a non-material support and / or the supply of services, the right of withdrawal (cancellation of the purchase and refund) by users (consumers) may be exercised within the minimum term of 14 days, starting from the day of the conclusion of the contract. The right of withdrawal is lost if the image is downloaded.

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